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Natalie Donegan is an experienced professional genuine British Voice Over Talent who has been recording voice-over since 2009, using her genuine British accent. Go to video demo’s or audio demo’s tab for examples.

A local to the East of England, which is the Cambridge and Hertfordshire area. Which is almost the same sound as that of the South East of England, which is Oxford and Sussex.

Based in Middle Tennessee, America, working for clients world wide from her home professional project studio. Natalie consequently offers a 24 hour turn around on most projects.

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British voice-over options

Can voice either a late teen up to middle age in an authentic, believable, friendly, professional tone.

Furthermore Natalie can adjust to a believable London accent (Estuary, East End). Also she can lessen her English accent to become more Mid-Atlantic / Transatlantic English, blending both American and English standard speech.

Due to living in America, she is comfortable with the pronunciation of words in England or America and can assist with script localization.

As a result of studying multiple languages, Natalie can voice projects that require pronunciation of names and locations across Europe easily.

Why choose Natalie

  • Reputation of professional, high quality audio
  • British Voice-Over for + 8 years
  • Home professional project studio
  • Over 150 voice over clients
  • 5 star voice on Voices.com since 2009
  • Been a regular voice on WMOT Middle TN Public Radio
  • Live Skype sessions available
  • Comfortable with time-coded scripts
  • BS Liberal Studies emphasis on Recording Industry Ops & Mgmt., in addition to a Speech & Theatre minor.

Departments of focus at MTSU:

Recording Industry, audio and studio production

Electronic Media Communications, radio and television on camera broadcast announcing

Theatre and Dance, specializing in speech and voice acting

Finally, contact Natalie by e-mail or call 615-768-9660

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  1. Hi Natalie– this is John Egly– your former Radio Ops Teacher at MTSU. For some reason Linkedin will not allow me to accept your invitation–and I dont know why. Just letting you know I tell your story about your leg often–the one student who could always outsmart me when it came to joking! Sometime email me your story so I can put it in my list for students and tell them ‘it could happen to you’ AS for Linkwed In– I will continue to try. Blessings

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